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IT Cloud Wiz provides the opportunity to increase productivity while ensuring the safety and security of business data.

  • Cloud Computing increases flexibilty & reduces the total cost of ownership.
  • Taking advantage of the IT Cloud helps avoid loss from disasters.

A PC, laptop, tablet or even a smart phone can be connected to a Cloud server and function just as it would if the software were installed on the computer or device.

Benefits of the Cloud

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    Computer & Network Maintenance

    When you consider that the average corporate IT network is running at about 15% capacity, and yet paying 100% of the costs, it quickly becomes clear that moving most if not all of your hardware, networking and software operations to a remote Cloud-based server can save tremendous amounts of money while improving efficiency, data integrity and accessibility.

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    Remote Desktop Mobility

    Access your desktop from anywhere in the world. Your entire company’s network will be replicated on our Cloud system. This duplication includes hardware, software, data and users.

  3. 3
    Complete IT Department Services

    We will provide ongoing support for the life of your Cloud network. ITCloudWiz will analyze your entire IT structure as well as your current position and take your future goals into account before we make recommendations as to what cloud services will be best for you.

Drawbacks of On-Site IT Department

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    Cost of Hardware

    Even a fair sized business running an internal IT setup requires one or more servers, routers, cabling, switches, terminals, battery backups, at least one secondary server for operational backup and more.

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    Cost of Software

    Whether it’s a simple Microsoft Office suite, QuickBooks and other standalone applications, or a fully-functional enterprise resource planning system, if you’re running a network, you’re running thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of operating software.

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    Cost of IT Personnel

    A good-sized information technology hardware and software setup will require at least one or more iT specialists. Someone has to maintain the equipment, the network and troubleshoot. The larger an organization gets, the more they need IT professionals, either in-house or consultants.