11 Sep 2014
September 11, 2014

Cloud and Data Loss Prevention

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What happens when all your business’ data bases and servers go down and you have all this important information for your business that is now lost and nowhere to be found? Now do you wish you had the Cloud? The Cloud can help prevent the loss of important data because it is a remote database where you can save them off-site from your computer. This is convenient, because instead of using all your storage on your device’s hard drive, you can use the cloud where there is an unlimited capacity of storage.

There are loads of benefits from the cloud, one being to keep your files safe and accessible. You are able to access your data from anywhere that is able to connect to the internet and at anytime. The cloud is a secure and safe database, but how? It is able to keep your files on numerous machines which is called redundancy and that is why you are able to access your data at any time and place. The Cloud also provides Anti-Virus Protection to keep those sneaky computer bugs from stealing your information. The Cloud uses authentication and authorization, meaning personalized user names and passwords, which limits people and hackers from accessing your data. Another safety precaution the cloud uses is Encryption, in other words a very convoluted code that is inconceivable to hack. Lastly, there is always a physical security. At ITCloudWiz we provide this most definitely. We are here to support you and your data. We constantly, carefully review and repair any LAN issues and help keep any hackers from getting in.

Let’s say that your computer happens to break and you did not back it up on to a disk or USB, your files are long gone. But if you had saved all your files to the cloud, you would be able to obtain them on your new computer and have them accessible at any time! ITCloudWiz keeps your company and your files secure.