Isn’t it great to have an IT department?  You have all the latest software and hardware and highly trained professionals to keep it all running.  You couldn’t live without your IT staff and support, could you?

Of course, all the power that comes with today’s IT can be pretty pricey too.  You’ve got servers, switches, routers, cables and other equipment to be purchased, repaired and replaced.  Then there is the cost of the IT staff.  These highly trained system admins and hardware specialists don’t come cheap.  IT is a lot of work and requires a lot of training.  That’s why you hire them to do it.

So what?  You need the stuff and the people, so why worry about costs, right?  Well, fair enough.  But what if you could cut your IT costs in half?  Or even to a third?  What would you do with all that extra capital?

Today’s digital technology and powerful internet connections has opened up some fantastic options for business owners.  The creation of “The Cloud,” a system by which you host all of your hardware and software on remote servers is a tremendous advantage to companies with over-inflated IT budgets who would rather be focused on growing their customer base.

Imagine, you purchase a Cloud-based solution.  All of your hardware is handled off-site by somebody else.  Your entire software suite is hosted on these servers and you can access it 24/7 via the internet, mobile and direct login.  As if this weren’t attractive enough, your data is backed up regularly in multiple locations to prevent loss.

Worried about security?  Believe it or not, Cloud-based solutions have been proven to be far more secure even than on-site hosted IT systems.  Part of this reason is that there are extra security features built into the Cloud and no one from your company who may have devious ideas has direct access to any of the hardware.

Another great feature of The Cloud is that you don’t have to prepare for future growth and other issues by purchasing a lot of gear you don’t need right now.  You pay as you go.  If you need 3 gigs of storage space, you only pay for 3 gigs.  You don’t have to buy an entire storage array.  If you need only a set amount of computing power, then that’s all you pay for.  You don’t need to network 10 servers when you only really need 2.

We’re not saying that Cloud-based solutions are for everyone.  Each company is different.  The point is, that with a professional IT Cloud solutions provider like ITCloudWiz on your side, you get the benefit of expert analysis and a team that will be there for you to meet your specific needs.

The cloud may be just what your company needs.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.  There’s no harm in a quick email or a short phone call that could change the financial and technical picture for your company.