Any Server to Serve Any Need

A server is nothing more than a computer that is set up to run applications, host websites or perform other tasks that can be accessed directly or by other computers. At ITCloudWiz, we provide two types of servers and support for our clients. In this way, we can provide the most efficient and cost-effective servers and server support possible.

The Virtual Server

One of the unique features of a dedicated server is that it can be configured to run multiple server-side functions separately, but still do so on one single machine. Essentially, a powerful computer with large storage capacity and a high-powered processor is divided into two or more sections, each of which is capable of acting as an independent computer.

This solution has many advantages, especially for smaller companies who may be in a growth cycle and need server-based functionality but cannot afford to buy, install and maintain their own equipment.

ITCloudWiz has many server options and can provide you with full or partial virtualization that is cost-effective, fully-supported and can grow as you grow. Our expert staff can implement and configure VMWare, MS hyper V or Linux-based virtual servers to fit any of your business needs and do so at a fraction of the cost of in-house solutions.

If you are in an upgrade phase or are considering purchasing new hardware and software, let ITCloudWiz run an evaluation on your current equipment and see if there is not a more efficient, cost-feasible and faster virtual option for you. When ITCloudWiz handles the technical side of things, you only have to worry about running your business.

Dedicated Servers

When you need an entire server to function as an application server, ITCloudWiz can offer you exactly what you need while still handling the management and maintenance of the equipment. Application servers allow employees and customers to access software applications and web-based solutions via a remotely hosted server or servers through us.

This Cloud-based solution gives you all the functionality and power of an in-house IT system without the associated headaches of installing, monitoring and maintaining costly equipment. When ITCloudWiz hosts your servers, you gain optimum reliability and efficiency as well as comprehensive application support that keeps your business and its technology on the cutting edge.

There are several important benefits to remotely hosted dedicated servers. Aside from the fractional cost of running your own equipment, you get:

  • Less downtime and higher productivity due to the redundant backup of data and application servers.
  • Your critical information, software and systems represent a much smaller risk because remotely-hosted servers are regularly backed up and operational software can easily be switched over for maintenance or malfunction issues.
  • Virtual servers, either partitioned or dedicated can be started 3 to 4 times faster than a single machine, as quickly as 3 minutes in fact.
  • The level of system control is far more flexible.
  • The demands on your internal IT resources and personnel are cut down significantly.

ITCloudWiz can magnify the effectiveness of your company’s technology while simultaneously reducing costs, downtime and loss of productivity. When you factor in the ease of scalability, it’s clear that remote server hosting offers too many benefits to be ignored.