How much does your IT department cost you every month? There’s no question that you need an IT department, and that they serve a critical role in your business. The real question is: do you need real people on-site or can you swap them out for some nice virtual people somewhere else?

The answer to that question depends on each individual business and its unique needs. However, for many small to medium-sized companies, a great deal of savings can be gained through a virtual IT department.

In nearly every case, an IT issue is one that can be handled remotely. Through today’s internet andwireless technology, there is no computing function that cannot be handled through a virtual IT department. With the rare exception of a physical hardware problem, which is simply solved by bringing one of the virtual system admins to the location, a virtual IT staff can provide everything you need.

What’s even better, is that you aren’t hiring full-time employees with expensive salaries and benefits packages. Like the idea of virtual Cloud computing itself, a virtual IT staff is a pay for it as you need it situation.

This means that if your company goes an entire month without any real IT issues, your only cost is that of the base retainer. Imagine the money that could be saved and used for other core business needs such as advertising and marketing?

The efficiency of a virtual IT department comes both in the price and in the responsiveness. For less than you’d pay a single system administrator, you gain access to an entire team of IT professionals who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It’s truly a win win situation.

What makes this unique and modern approach to information technology management so valuable is that it’s extremely easy to implement. After a careful evaluation of your circumstances and needs, our ITCloudWiz team can prepare a detailed report on what your company requires now and in the future as well as the costs involved. It’s then a simple matter to switch you over to the virtual staff.

We’ve only touched the surface – the real benefits of a virtual IT department lies in its actual use. If you want to know more, check out the rest of the site or contact us for details.