15 Sep 2014
September 15, 2014

Why You Should Fire Your IT Department

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Why should you choose cloud IT services over Managed IT services? Well, first and definitely a big component, is cost. It is a mass amount of money to hire an IT department for your business. Not only are you hiring the employees, but you are going to have to buy computers and software. Every time there is a new update for you technology you will have to pay an extra fee. With the cloud IT services, it will automatically update your software for a flat fee and you don’t have to buy any computers for it to do so, since it has its own database. Another advantage the cloud has is flexibility. Let’s say in the middle of the night something crashes on your business’ database, you have to call up your IT support which is not always available and you will have to pay them overtime. With IT Cloud Wiz, we have 24/7 services to help maintain and keep your data up to date. Also having the cloud is a more convenient solution for businesses because you can access your data anywhere with internet connection.